Meet The Founders of Bakstage.AI

At Bakstage.AI, our revolution began with a simple realization by our founders, Shashank and Preet: the online world lacks the warmth and personal touch that once defined customer service. With illustrious careers spanning AI, technology, finance, and customer experience at leading firms such as Goldman Sachs, Publicis, JP Morgan, Yahoo, and Flurry, they've engineered products that not only scale but thrive—generating substantial revenue and defining industry standards. Yet, despite such technological advancements, the essence of customer care seemed lost in translation to the digital domain. This gap in the market, where businesses fail to connect deeply with their online visitors, is precisely what Bakstage.AI seeks to close.

Imagine an online world where every click and scroll is met with the understanding and care of a personal guide. A world where no query goes unanswered, no need unaddressed. The vision is to empower businesses with insights on their customers so that every interaction can be extremely personalized and tailored leading to boost in conversions, customer satisfaction and increased life-time value. Here, we address a glaring $75 billion gap in lost revenues due to uninspiring online interactions. Our solution is not just a fix; it's a transformation.

Bakstage.AI is redefining the digital customer experience. We believe in the power of personalization—where every interaction is as unique as the individual behind the screen. Our innovative platform breathes life into static websites, turning each visit into a dynamic dialogue, where AI meets the irreplaceable human touch. We’re not just building a bridge between businesses and customers; we’re creating a superhighway of heartfelt engagement that translates into measurable success. With Bakstage.AI, join us in leading the charge towards a future where every digital handshake is as warm and promising as the real thing. Welcome to the new era of customer experience. Welcome to Bakstage.AI.

Meet Our Team

Shashank Singh

CEO & Co-founder

An ad-tech veteran who has helped build multiple B2B/SaaS startups - Flurry (acq. Yahoo), RUN Ads (acq. Publicis). Previously Co-founded – Majikal, Steams and Truffle. Engineer by profession and has MBA from NYU Stern.


Preet Raj

CTO & Co-founder

Seasoned engineering leader, industry speaker, scaling expert, startup advisor, built award winning tech for Consumer-tech, Fin-tech, & SaaS startups. Holds patents in user data privacy, encryption & AI. Top 10 CTOs to Watch in 2022, Entrepreneur Magazine. Ex-Goldman Sachs | JP Morgan.


Mugdha Kalra

Chief Content Officer

One of only two women from India in BBC Top 100 Women 2021, Mugdha is a known face in the news and broadcasting industry and has 20 years of content creation experience. She led prime-time for Aaj Tak, CNN-News18, NDTV, Zee News.


E.J. Klopper

Head of Design

Experienced, award-winning designer who was part of the core team that built RUN Ads (acquired by Publicis). He also spearheaded the design system for Citibank and currently leads the Experience Design team at Havas Health Plus.


Rushabh Mehta

Chief Business Officer

Rushabh was the Head of West Region – Partnerships & Biz Dev for BARC selling analytics and data service.  He has 14 years of experience spread across the spectrum of media industry.



Chief Fun Officer

Loki's dashing looks are unlike any other. He's responsible for passing out hugs & cuddles during intense coding sessions with our CTO. Fun fact - every blood test ever done has said that he is over the normal level of athleticness 🥇🥈🥉


Investors & Advisors


Global COO

Publicis Media, USA

Renee Leibler

VC Investor

Harmonic Chain Digital, USA

William Reinisch

VC Investor

Harmonic Chain Digital, USA

Julie Coin

Strategy, COO

Ex-President – DriveWealth,

Ex-COO E*Trade, USA


Serial Entrepreneur

Founder Flurry (Yahoo),



World’s Top Marketer

Ex-PepsiCo, Motorola, Tata, HP

Carlos Oviedo

Tech Investor, CRO



Co-Founder & CIO

Param Hansa Values, USA